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Our rooms are in regular use however may be available for private hire by groups and individuals when not required by the church or other organisations.  Our room bookings policy is set out below.  If you require details of the expected donation for use of the rooms or any other information, please contact the Church Administrator (01536 513278).



Updated November 2012.

  1. All rooms at Fuller Baptist Church are provided, under the terms of our Trust Deed, for the use of the Church in the enhancement of the Christian religion as practised by those of the Baptist tradition.
  2. The Minister and Deacons would wish it to be known that rooms are available for community activities, as part of this Church’s ministry to the community, when they are not required for use by Fuller Baptist Church.
  3. Rooms would not normally be let out to commercial organisations.
  4. Rooms will not be available for use by any organisation whose aims may conflict with the aims of the Fuller Baptist Church, as set out in the Trust Deed.
  5. Rooms may not be available for use when the Site Supervisor is off duty.
  6. Each organisation using any of the rooms of Fuller Baptist Church must supply to the Church a copy of its current Public Liability Insurance Certificate at the time of making the booking of the room, and produce a current test certificate for any electrical equipment brought on to the premises.
  7. No smoking nor gambling nor the consumption of alcohol is permitted on any part of the church premises, including the car park.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 November 2012 11:57