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Weddings & Funerals PDF Print E-mail

Weddings As a general rule, weddings are conducted only in cases where either one of parties being married is a church member or is already in regular attendance at Sunday services, or is related to a member or regular worshipper at the time of the request to be married.

In the case of marriage where the bride or groom has been divorced, the Minister cannot give a firm undertaking to conduct a wedding until he has seen and checked the appropriate divorce papers

Couples will normally be required to meet with the Minister on several occasions, a typical programme being as follows:- 1. Initial Interview 2. A session on “Knowing and Understanding Ourselves and Each Other” 3. The Christian Faith (usually included where neither of you attends a church) 4. “Christian Marriage” (a look at the words used in the Marriage Service) 5. Wedding Rehearsal (usually on the Thursday evening before the Wedding Day)

Funerals Arrangements can be made for a funeral service to take place in Fuller Baptist Church, or for the Minister to conduct a funeral service at the local Crematorium. These arrangements are usually best made, in the first instance, through a funeral director (details of funeral directors may be found in the Yellow Pages or by carrying out a search on  For further information on the above services or any other enquiries, please contact the Church Office by email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or by telephone - 01536 513278.

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