William Carey and Andrew Fuller

It was at Olney that William Carey first met Andrew Fuller. Carey was a young Christian and Fuller was preaching at the Northamptonshire Baptist Association meetings there. This was the beginning of a life-long friendship and commitment to world mission. While living at Moulton, Carey would walk to Kettering every two weeks to bring boots he had made for Thomas Gotch, returning with leather for the next batch. (Gotch's home, Chesham House, is in Lower Street almost opposite the Mission House.) But when Fuller first visited Carey in Moulton and saw how hard he was working, he spoke about his concerns to Gotch who was one of his deacons. The shoe manufacturer agreed to pay Carey a small allowance from his private purse, teasing him with, 'I don’t mean you to spoil any more of my leather.'

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