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Messy Church @ Fuller is back again on Sunday 30th September at 3:45pm.

Messy Church enables people of all ages to belong to Christ together through their local church. It is a way of being church which is particularly suited to families, but welcoming to all. It meets at a time and on a day that suits local families and is particularly aimed at people who have never belonged to a church before. 

Messy Church is part of The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF), a Registered Charity.  



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Well done to Cathy, Hannah, Kate, Maria, Roland and Sara who raised over £1,700 for Tear Fund's Mean Bean Challenge.


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Dear friends,

Several of you have asked "Why no November/December newsletter this year?". For the first time in 10 years I did not travel to Cameroon in November but I did travel in May 2017 and I have attached below a brief report of the main events of this year of change for our Cameroon childrens cancer treatment programme.

We have treated well over 1000 children with the common cancer, Burkitt's lymphoma and developed or amended (for a resource-limited setting) protocols for the treatment of other less common cancers. Our outcomes are peer reviewed and much of our work has been published in respected medical journals. I am simply thankful to God for the opportunity to be part of this pioneering work for the last 10 years - working with Christian colleagues in the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Service whose mission statement says: "We will provide exemplary care... to those in need an expression of Christian love ...and as a means of evangelical witness". It has been a joy to travel with Prof Peter Hesseling, our clinical director - a man of great faith.

I travel to Cameroon on Feb.11th 2018.

As always I would value your prayers for travelling mercies in Cameroon. Pray that I will be an encouragement in every way to my Christian Cameroonian colleagues


A prayer by Joshua for a recent morning service 


I pray that God can see and put a stop to the terrible damage being inflicted upon our world. 

I hope that the world of our future children is not a world of melted ice caps and deforested jungles  

but  a world of natural beauty , wonder and amazing landscapes - made by God and preserved by humans .





Livewires CHILDREN IN NEED event 


Livewires held their "Children In Need" event on Wednesday , November 15th  and raised just over £300  - we had on offer massage, nails , haircuts and portrait photography - along with a toy and bookstall .

Thanks for all those who helped and supported us  : ) 




Use the interactive map below to see the location of toilets that have been twinned with Fuller Baptist Church. Using  1 in 3 people worldwide don't have a loo. By Supporting Toilet Twinning you are helping to flush away poverty.

Livewires youngsters will be taking turns in running a meeting if they want to.

Tonight Lauren has prepared a session on obstacles and how God can help us overcome them : ) 


Revs. Roland and Vicki Sokolowski were installed as co-pastors on May 6th and will share the overall responsibility for the Ministry of the Church. They have moved to Kettering from Crayford, near Dartford, where they were ministers at Crayford Baptist Church for seven years. Vicki and Roland, both 39, met 2007 whilst studying at Spurgeons College in London. They married in 2009 and have two children.

Roland, a secondary school maths teacher before entering the Ministry and with interests in education and Christian outreach says, “We both have a desire to serve the church and through the church engage with the wider community by helping to supports its needs. The work of the Fuller Coffee House, for example, with our volunteers and many customers, has been a great example of how the church can do something practical for its community.” 

“We are keen to work alongside other churches and community groups,” says Vicki who worked in administration before training for the Ministry. “We want to meet the social and spiritual needs of residents and enhance community cohesion.”


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Election Result - The Discovery party won - congratulations to Hannah C, Alyanna, Lauren and Lorna : )
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