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Dianne Tidball is the president of the Baptist Union 2017-2018.

The theme for her Presidency is the phrase from the Lord's Prayer 'as in heaven'.

May your Kingdom come, your will be done amongst us as Baptists, in our communities, our lives 'as in heaven'.

She will preach at Fuller on Sunday 29th at 10:30.


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Revs. Roland and Vicki Sokolowski were installed as co-pastors on May 6th and will share the overall responsibility for the Ministry of the Church. They have moved to Kettering from Crayford, near Dartford, where they were ministers at Crayford Baptist Church for seven years. Vicki and Roland, both 39, met 2007 whilst studying at Spurgeons College in London. They married in 2009 and have two children.

Roland, a secondary school maths teacher before entering the Ministry and with interests in education and Christian outreach says, “We both have a desire to serve the church and through the church engage with the wider community by helping to supports its needs. The work of the Fuller Coffee House, for example, with our volunteers and many customers, has been a great example of how the church can do something practical for its community.” 

“We are keen to work alongside other churches and community groups,” says Vicki who worked in administration before training for the Ministry. “We want to meet the social and spiritual needs of residents and enhance community cohesion.”


This year's Holiday Bible Club was themed on Cops and Robbers and followed the story of Joseph, looking at how Joseph was able to forgive his brothers and linking this to how we can be forgiven.  

We were very grateful for the loan of a Police Car and being visited by a Kettering Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) and Police Dogs from East Midlands Operational Support Service (EMOpSS). 

Election Result - The Discovery party won - congratulations to Hannah C, Alyanna, Lauren and Lorna : )
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