Vicki and Roland Sokolowski

Vicki and Roland Sokolowski are the pastors at Fuller Baptist Church.  They moved to Kettering in May 2017 along with their two small children.

Dave Whitehouse

Dave is a Deacon and our member of our Technical Team.

Paul Lashmar

Paul is a the Church Secretary and a Deacon.
He is usually on the premises Tuesday and Thursday

Fiona Malsher

Fiona is a Deacon.

David Leverett

David is a and Deacon.

Steve Vidler

Steve is a Deacon, our worship leader and leads the music group. 

Joe Cleaver

Joe is the Church Treasurer, a Deacon, leader of the Technical Group and a leader of Holiday Bible Club.

Jackie Pentlow

Jackie Pentlow is the Trustee lead for Safeguarding and a Deacon

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